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Scooter Tour

Scooter Tour

Discovering Belin and its environs riding on a scooter will make your hearts beat faster.

Ever since the breathtaking Audrey Hepburn discovered Rome with Gregory Peck riding a motor scooter, the scooter ride with your date has become the epitomy of romance!

You can rent a scooter in various places in the city, for example with Scooter Rent Berlin and it is not even as expensive as you might think. That's just one more reason to breathe the Berlin air riding along Landwehrkanal, in one of the Berlin parks or whatever your destination in the environs might be.


Scooter Tour

Rotherstraße 16
10245 Berlin




Business hours

  • Availability: on appointment

Important information

  • Reservation: online
  • Price Level: 1 day 25,00 euro, 4 days 100 euro, 7 days 150 euro


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Rank 1: Lanke Boat Rental

4.75 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Lanke Bootsvermietung

The company Lanke Boat Rental offers a romantic "Sunset Drive" on the water.

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Rank 2: Fairy Tale Fountain at Volkspark Friedrichshain

4.25 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa picture-alliance

A date at the neo-baroque Fairy Tale Fountain of Volkspark Friedrichshain is not only a nice location but gives also lots to talk about.

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Rank 3: Kochhaus

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Foto: Kochhaus

If you rather cook together with your date instead of going to a candle light dinner in a restaurant, why not shop togther for the ingredients at the Kochhaus ("Cookhouse") in Schöneberg?

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Rank 4: Modersohnbrücke

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Modersohnbrücke is the perfect spot to talk and philosophise with your date about anything in a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

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Rank 5: Picnic by the Water

4.13 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Hafenküche | Sir Richard Picture

What about a romantic picnic by the water?

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Rank 6: Scooter Tour

4.13 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Discovering Belin and its environs riding on a scooter will make your hearts beat faster.

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Rank 7: Tropical Gallery in the Botanical Garden

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Foto: I. Haas, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Berlin's Botanical Garden is in the centre of Dahlem - 43 hectares of paradise.

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Rank 8: Ice Rink in the Neptune Fountain on Alexanderplatz

3.90 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Eisbahn um den Neptunbrunnen

Skate along on the circular ice rink in the Neptune Fountain to the sounds of waltz and christmas music under ambient lighting and enjoy the romance.

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Rank 9: Historic subway ride at Alexanderplatz

3.75 of 5 Top10Points
Foto: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berliner U-Bahn e.V.

If you want to go on special ride on your first date, why not go on a ride in a historic subway wagon?

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Rank 10: Photo Booth at Schlesisches Tor

3.50 of 5 Top10Points

This will be a guaranteed surprise for your date: take a couple of nice cult shots in one of the photo booths dotted around Berlin.

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