CoWoS Schöneberg

The CoWoS is centrally located in the heart of Schöneberg All rooms are bright, modern and flooded with light with large windows. In the entrance area there is a lounge and the coworking café. Here you can work very relaxed in the day pass area or in the flex desk area or "network" with other coworkers over coffee or tea.


Foto: Cowos-Berlin
Foto: Cowos-Berlin
Foto: Cowos-Berlin
Foto: Cowos-Berlin
Foto: Cowos-Berlin
Foto: Cowos-Berlin

The CoWoS extends over three floors. In addition to the day pass and flex desk area as well as the coworking café, there is also an office space on the ground floor, which is ideal for renting a day office or for coaching sessions. A telephone booth is available in the Daypass and Flex Desk area for personal phone calls. There is also a high-quality video call box for undisturbed customer discussions and presentations, which can be rented by the hour for € 10. Light walls, functional furniture, a wooden floor and pleasant lighting create an ideal feeling of space in the co-working space.

The meeting rooms can be found on the first floor, whereby a meeting room can also be easily converted into a seminar room with seating for up to 12 people. Professional multimedia systems are available in the respective rooms for lectures and presentations. In addition, there are integrated coffee and tea kitchens in the individual rooms with high-quality fully automatic coffee machines from the Jura brand, as well as a catering area.

The team offices and fix desk workstations can be found on the second floor. Tenants of a fix desk or team office have 24/7 access via a separate entrance area, so that you can work in the coworking space at any time and without being tied down, just like in your own office. In the CoWoS, individual solutions such as a single workstation as a flexible interim solution or a larger office for a whole team can be found, of course equipped with the best high-speed WiFi and printers, but also additional offers such as company addresses or solutions for virtual offices.

The vision behind CoWoS is that of a biotope for freelancers, startups and small companies, so that you can work in a creative environment with like-minded people who come from a wide variety of industries and bring with them a wide variety of experiences and skills. A kind of symbiosis of different skills creates a synergy that arises from working together under one roof. In the vicinity of CoWoS Schöneberg there are numerous gastronomic offers from snacks and bars to first-class restaurants for lunch breaks. With its room concept, the CoWoS is also ideally suited as an event location for up to 40 people. With the beautiful lounge and gallery in the entrance area, the CoWorking Café with a perfectly equipped kitchen and several meeting / workshop rooms with an additional catering area, the location is a first-class place for customer meetings and events.
All meeting rooms and open coworking areas are equipped with professional air purifiers / air filters against corona viruses.


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CoWoS Schöneberg

Kolonnenstraße 8, 10827 berlin




Business Hours

Monday- Wednesday and Friday

08:00 am– 6:00pm

Important information

CoWoS Daypasses

1-day day pass for € 20 5-day day pass for € 80 10-day day pass for € 140

Flex Desk

Monthly € 100 (usage time 100 hours) and 200 € (usage time 200 hours).

Fix Desk

Dedicated desk and lockable mobile pedestal for € 280 per month. Coffee, tea and mineral water are unlimited in the monthly flat rate at the Fix Desks, as well as a contingent for the use of the conference rooms.

Team Offices

Different sizes can be rented from 990 €. Coffee, tea and mineral water are unlimited in the monthly flat rate at Team Offices, as well as a contingent for the use of the conference rooms

CoWoS Video Call Box

10 € / hour High-quality video call box for undisturbed customer discussions and presentations.

public transportation

S-Bahn and bus (S-Bahn station Julius-Leber-Brücke - S1, 104, 106, 204, N42).