Seehaus (Lake House) at Liebenberg Castle

Directly on the lake “Großer Lankesee” 60 kilometers from Berlin and about 35 minutes from Tegel Airport lies the Seehaus (lake house) belonging to the Liebenberg castle. Here one experiences decelerated vacation par excellence.


Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
Foto: Schloss und Gut Liebenberg

The romantic hotel Liebenberg lies embedded in original nature in the Löwenberger Land. The “Seehaus” (lake house), a charming country house belonging to the Schlosshotel, is located 100 meters from the bathing resort of the lake “Großer Lankesee” in Brandenburg. The actual hotel, which is popular for conferences or as a romantic wedding location, is located 1.8 km from the lake house, which is easily accessible for hotel guests by a hiking and cycling trail.

The charming nature of the surrounding area of Schloss & Gut Liebenberg invites you to explore, whether by bike or with Nordic walking poles (both can be borrowed at the hotel). Guests can try out the jogging trails past beautifully clear lakes and nature trails, take a ride with the carriage or observe native animals in the early morning hours.

Magnificently relaxed holidays begin with the view of the lake or the castle park. Guests can have breakfast on the terrace, stroll through the castle park, exercise in the fitness club, use the hotel sauna or shop homemade products in the farm shop. There is even a tailoring shop where you can take handmade materials from environmentally friendly materials.

Schloss and Gut Liebenberg are part of a dedicated integration company, the DKB Stiftung Liebenberg, a non-profit organisation. The first class hotel complex and the entire enterprise are beautifully situated and are operated socially and ecologically.

In addition to the actual Schlosshotel with 45 rooms, the smaller lake house with 18 rooms, the park, the farm, still farmed with cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks, as well as a craftsmen’s yard with carpentry, locksmithery and tailoring and a hunting district all belong to the company.

The house also focuses on sustainability. The kitchen presents freshness and naturalness from home with fish and meat from the region and herbs, fruit and vegetables from the castle garden.

Liebenberg organizes pleasant events all year round for its guests, highlight in the music summer is the classic open air in the illuminated courtyard. The Liebenberg Christmas market on the area of Schloss & Gut Liebenberg invites visitors to the Advent weekends.

So this extraordinary facility is attractive at all seasons.


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Seehaus (Lake House) at Liebenberg Castle

Parkweg 1a, 16775 Löwenberger




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24 hours

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Single room lake house: from 100,00 Euro per night incl. Breakfast, parking, W-Lan, double sea-house: from 145,00 Euro per night incl. Breakfast, parking, W-LAN. Single room Schlosshotel: from 75,00 Euro per night incl. Breakfast, parking, W-LAN, double room Schlosshotel: from 125,00 Euro per night incl. Breakfast, parking, W-LAN. Individual claims are bookable via the homepage.


Free parking is available at both houses.

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EC-Karte, VISA, Mastercard

Recreational facilities

Bicycle rental, fitness barn with sauna area and fitness room

Getting there

By train: Travelers can reach Liebenberg via the railway stations of Löwenberg (Mark) or Grüneberg in less than an hour driving time with the Regionalexpress from Berlin. From Löwenberg take the bus line 831 in the direction of Liebenthal via Liebenberg, Parkweg. From there you can reach the castle after 200 meters. From Grüneberg you reach the Liebenberg stop, Parkweg by bus 832. The hotel also takes guests from the station. A shuttle service from and to the train stations can be booked through the reception.