KLX - Koshary Lux

The small restaurant Koshary Lux in Berlin-Charlottenburg offers typical vegan and vegetarian dishes from North Africa and the Middle East.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Philipp Külker

© Foto: Philipp Külker

Foto: Philipp Külker

© Foto: Philipp Külker

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Originally the Koshary Lux was a street food location in the market hall in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The small restaurant offers a variation of traditional vegan and vegetarian oriental dishes and has now found a permanent home at Grolmannstraße in Charlottenburg and is here enriching the gastronomy scene around the Savignyplatz. The name of the restaurant is derived from “Koshary”, the delicious Egyptian national dish, which is a mix of lentils, pasta and rice with the aroma of caramelised onions and chickpeas.

The restaurant is spechialized in dishes from Nord Africa and the Middle East. Nutritious soups such as the algerian chermoule-bean-lentil soup or vitamin-rich salads such as the Moroccan olive and orange salad complete the offer. At Koshary Lux everything is homemade, like the self-made spice mixes. The dishes are not expensive and since the small, colorful and unpretentious restaurant is also open at lunchtime, it is gladly used by clerks of the surrounding offices for lunch break.

The ambience is not oriental but simple, young, almost student-like, but cozy. You can still tell the restaurant came from the street food movement. Not the design is in focus, but the qualitity of the food, which is healthy and tasty. It offers, especially for the Charlottenburg area, very good value for money.

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Veganes Angebot



Grolmanstr., 27, 10623, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Mon - Thu

12:00 pm - 03:00 pm and 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Fri & Sat

12:00 pm - 10:00 pm