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Welt der Stoffe

Welt der Stoffe

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics! Be it for costumes, children or jacket - Wedding's Welt der Stoffe is a warehouse of fabrics for all sewing aficionados!

This store will virtually have the right fabric for any of your projects - the variety is breathtaking. No matter if you need thick warm fabric for winter clothing, funny fabrics for children's clothing or exclusive fabrics made of silk and velvet - this is the place to be.

The ambience in the shop is very straight forward: Welt der Stoffe offers a well-stocked warehouse of fabrics on 700 square metres. The fabrics are sorted according to the material they are made of (jersey, silk, wool etc.) in labelled shelves. Their stock carries both fabrics for clothing but also decorative one and even specially marked organic fabrics.

Their staff, mostly trained tailors, is well-versed in their art and offers readily advice as to what fabric to use for your project and how much you need of it.
Their range carries inexpensive beginner fabrics who want to try their luck to exclusive fabrics for professionals. Add to that all kinds of needed accessoires like ribbons, buttons, zipper, pads and sewing patterns.

Top10 Berlin tip: best to make a list of what you need beforehand or you will get lost in this universe or sewing. Should you require a fabric not in stock, they will order it for you from their wholesaler.


Welt der Stoffe

Residenzstraße 84
13409 Berlin




Business hours

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 06:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

Important information

  • Card Payment: EC
  • Parking: Free parking for customers available
  • Product Range: High-end fabrics for clothing, lining fabrics, decoration fabrics and accessoires (buttons, zippers, ribbons, pads and much more)
  • Price Level: 8,00 - 12,00 euro


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Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics! Be it for costumes, children or jacket - Wedding's Welt der Stoffe is a warehouse of fabrics for all sewing aficionados!

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