Pension Havelfloß

The guesthouse Pension Havelfloß is a unique and hotel with an unusual concept located by the Havel in Brandenburg.
Foto: Pension Havelfloß

© Foto: Pension Havelfloß

Foto: Pension Havelfloß

© Foto: Pension Havelfloß

Foto: Pension Havelfloß

© Foto: Pension Havelfloß

The extraordinary guesthouse lies in the heart of Brandenburg bei der Havel`s old town. One can not only rent out usual hotel rooms, but also one of the seven house boats which create a somewhat Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn atmosphere for the guests. The rafts are available for a trip on the Havel and are rented out as floating holiday homes in summer.

The boats measure 6.75 x 3.00 meter and offer space for up to five adults, but one should consider that the boat can get very cramped. The benches on the ground floor can be extended and used as a sleeping area for up to three persons. Above that a second floor can be built. The lying surface measures 2 x 2 meters. One should be adventurous for this kind of vacation. The houseboat is powered by an 8-PS-Motor and can be rented without a driving license.

For anyone who prefers to sleep in the hotel, in the refurbished attic offers cozy guest rooms with a staircase. Another two apartments are ground-leveled and easily accessible. The guest rooms have a direct view on the Havel.

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Altstädtische Fischerstraße, 2, 14770, Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany




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