Trattoria Corallo

This cosy trattoria and pizzeria on Wedding's Genther Markt must be doing something right, since this classic Italian restaurant has been in business for 30 years. Last year they undertook some careful remodeling.


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

Last year, the Corallo underwent a rejuvenation with a modern bar and a very nice new stone oven. Also the interior was carefully refurbished: Gone is the old plastering of the walls to give a more open ambience. This attracts also a younger crowd without rubbing the long-time regulars the wrong way.

The ambience is friendly with chequered table cloth, the classic big sotrage jars for pasta and shelves full of wine bottles on the walls. Their pizza is great and the pasta very tasty. . In winter, the flambéed pasta with truffles brings some additional warmth to the restaurant, since the grated cheese on the pasta gets lit up right at your table. But the traditional strong suit of the Corallo is fish. The grilled gilt-headed sea beam, served with a very basic garlic spinach, is second to none in town, the same goes for their Calamaretti. Both of these dishes are not always on the menu, they are a special and worth asking for.

Top10 Berlin tip for those with a sweet tooth: The extraordinarily creamy Tiramisu is completely home-made and melts in your mouth. A finishing touch is an Espresso, truly strong but far from bitter. The Corallo also offers an Italian luncheon: between noon and 4:00 pm pizza and pasta cost only 5 euro.
Tipp der Top10 Redaktion für Süßschnäbel: Das überaus cremige Tiramisu ist hausgemacht und zergeht auf der Zunge. Ein kleiner Genuss zum Abschluss mit einem Espresso, der stark, aber nicht bitter ist. Das Corallo bietet übrigens auch italienischen Mittagstisch an. Pizza und Pastagerichte werden zwischen 12 und 16 Uhr für 5 Euro angeboten.


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Trattoria Corallo

Ostender Straße 5, 13353 Berlin




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Noon - midnight

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Free of charge in the street

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Price Level

Noon - 04:00 pm: pizza and pasta (very few exceptions only) for 5 euro, in the evening: pasta 6,00 - 8,50 euro, pizza from the stone oven 5,50 - 9,00 euro, meat dishes 11,00 - 12,50 euro, fish 12,50 - 16,50 euro