Kontor Eismanufaktur

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Foto: Kontor Eismanufaktur
Foto: Kontor Eismanufaktur

The Kontor ice cream factory in Prenzlauer Berg is something special, because in the small ice cream parlor on the Danziger Straße, at the corner of Prenzlauer Allee, all ice creams no matter if classic or not are completely vegan. The ice cream factory offers a wide selection of different ice cream varieties.
The store is bright and friendly. Inside and outside the café there are a few colorful seats. The offer of the ice cream flavors varies daily. They daily variation is written on large boards behind the bar. For the production of the ice cream they use soy, almond and / or coconut milk. The staff at the Kontor ice cream factory is very friendly and also gladly advises with questions around the ice.

The vegan ice cream factory only offers vegan products and goes without dyes, aromas, additive vegetable fats and emulsifiers. Guests can choose between ice cream flavors like vanilla, São Tomé chocolate, rhubarb, lemon-woodruff-mint, strawberry, Bronte pistachio, Cookies ‘n Cream, Crazy Peanut, banana, maple pecan or coconut -raspberry. In addition they also sell various cookies such as Pecan-Cranberry, Waltnur Chocolae Chip or Macadamia Nut Brittle which can be served single or in addition to your ice cream.

The audience at the ice cream parlor is mixed. Residents come here just as much as tourists including many families. Vegans also come here from remote areas to enjoy the ice cream.



Kontor Eismanufaktur

Danziger Straße 65, 10435 Berlin


Prenzlauer Berg


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