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Top10 List: Cafés for Coffee Fans

It's no secret to coffee fans that their favourite beverage comes with a greater variety of flavours and fragrances than wine. These special flavours do not stem from adding syrups to the brew but from first-class Barista work! Genuine coffee fans don't go to get their flavour fix from big franchises, they rather opt for a more personal atmosphere far off the beaten track, where quality and dedication to coffee still mean something. For this very reason the team of Top10 Berlin has gone on a quest to find the best cafés with the best brews in town. We've come across genuine master baristas which do not only now how to make a perfect crema but actually take great pleasure in teaching you all they know about coffee. What it will be for us? A Caffè Latte and a Flat please - to go of course!
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Rank 1: Bonanza Coffee Heroes

4.88 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

The Bonanza Coffee Heroes serve coffee on a world-class level! To get there, Yumi Choi and Kiduk Reus spent one year travelling from London to Italy, New York and the rest of the world familiarizing themselves with the best varieties of coffee beans and above all how to roast and prepare them properly.

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Rank 2: Cafe CK

4.85 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

Filtered coffee, so unlike to what your granny might have served in the afternoon but with the subtle acidity of blueberries - this is a roast that Café CK wants to bring back into fashion by using only the finest Ethiopian coffee beans available.

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4.83 of 5 Top10Points

Fotos: No Fire, No Glory!

The owners of the NO FIRE, NO GLORY! work with Danish coffee specialists who purchase the raw coffee beans from small growers in a direct trade agreement.

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Rank 4: Godshot

4.70 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Godshot

It's always time well-spent to go to Prenzlauer Berg to enjoy a nice cup of great coffee lounging in the Godshot's 1970s vintage leather armchairs.

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Rank 5: Berliner Kaffeerösterei

4.63 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Top10 Berlin

With more then 80 varieties of coffee, the Berliner Kaffeerösterei ("Berlin Coffee Roasters") offers an enormous variety, guaranteed to make every coffee fan revel in delight.

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Rank 6: Double Eye

4.53 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: dpa picture-alliance

A small and charming store in which you even may have to stand in line. Sometimes, the line stretches as far as into the street but their coffee is really worth the wait.

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Rank 7: Companion Coffee

4.38 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Robbie Lawrence

Hidden in a Kreuzberg back-alley you will discover a treasure trove of coffee and tea specialities.

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Rank 8: Two and Two

4.30 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: Two and Two 2015

Neukölln's café Café Two and Two serves culinary specialities from France and sells Japanese stationery.

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Rank 9: cuccuma

4.28 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: dpa picture-alliance

The cuccuma scores big time with an outstanding coffee topped with a thick crema serving as canvas for latte art.

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Rank 10: Barcomi's Kaffeerösterei

3.95 of 5 Top10Points

Foto: dpa

Berlin-Kreuzberg's Barcomi's combines the qualities of a coffee roaster with a pastry shop serving American cakes and pastries in true New York style.

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